The Balm’s Stainiac Beauty Queen-Review

As part of my beauty haul gift this month I bought this Stainiac lip & cheek tint” of The Balm, I got the beauty queen shade and ordered it online at that cost around 199 kr . I know that it’s has been out in the market for a years now and I also´know that there are tons of reviews about it you can find online, so I said to myself why not add my review as well LOL!.  Anyway! If you know me well  you know that I really like liquid blushon and I consider this a “must have” item that I buy over and over again when I run out.

I love using liquid blush more rather than powder blush (although I  admit that I  have a powder blush from MAC which I also love) but I always reach out for the liquid one 🤭.  The reason why I like liquid blushon so much is that they stain your cheek  in a little amount that gives you a pretty natural look. You also don’t need to touch it up so much because they last the whole day. (see picture below how much I love my Herbench pretty when pinched cheek and lip tint.)

I’ve been using this Herbench pretty when pinched that I bought all the way from the Philippines. I really love this product and as you can tell how much I have been using it! I’m running out of it soon that’s why I bought the Stainiac of the balm to see if they are the same.

The Balm Stainiac comes in a lip gloss sort of packaging with a doe foot applicator with 8.5g amount of product on it. I feel the applicator is fine for using this as a lip stain (if you are a person who also like to use is as a lip tint). Just a disclaimer guys I don’t use is as a lip tint ever! only for a blush even if it say that you can use is as a lip tint too I would rather use lipstick instead ☺. I just don’t like the feeling of using it as a liptint and then putting it on to your cheek afterwards is a big No No for me (I just don’t want to deal with breakouts) but if you like to use different brush to apply it on your cheek and lips then go for it! 😚 use it according to your own preference.

The product itself is like a gel base not to runny and not to sticky, this texture helps the doe foot applicator glides smoothly on to your cheek just perfect and I don’t have any complain about it but the shade is just a only a sheer looking (in my personal opinion) but you can build it up by applying several layers of it.  I also noticed that it doesn’t have any distinct smell on it .

A major issue of using any cheek/lip tint is that it stains our fingers a lot more than where we want to put the product to be. If you are a tint user like me you know exactly what I am talking about.  (the picture above is when I use my Herbench pretty when pinched tint and as you can see it leaves stain so much on my fingers). Stainiac does also stain my fingers when I use it but not as drastic like the Herbench in just one application. I noticed with Stainiac is that the more product you apply on your cheek the more stain you’ll get on your fingers.

The best way to put this Stainiac cheek tint is after when you put your moisturizer. It give you more dewy effects on your skin and make it last longer.  As I said a while ago that the color is really lovely and only visible if you apply a generously amount of product  on to your cheek. (as you can see on my IG post how I love my rosy cheek look!).

The price is little bit expensive than any other lip/cheek tint you can find in the market nowadays, but if you like to go and splurged to a small tube like this then go for it but I suggest to check and look for some alternative dupe of this   blush *wink! I bet it worth the price anyhow by having two product in just one tube. right? LOL

Do you like lip/cheek  tint too? do you own one? let me know in the comment box if you like me to try other brand too. I would be happy to check it out! Till next time guys!

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