Power Adapter Canon G7X MarkII-(ACK-DC110)

Ikaw ba ay Youtube vlogger, beauty vlogger or photography enthusiast? Gamit mo rin ba ay Canon G7X Mark II kapag ikaw ay nag-vvlog or nag-fifilm ng mga beauty videos mo?

Kung ganon! Alam ko na naranasan mo na ring  malowbat ang iyong gamit na Camera habang kayo ay nagfifilm.. tama ba ako?  Nakakainis hindi ba? Hindi lamang sa nauubos ang oras mo at pagod kundi, kailangan mo rin  munang i-charge muli ang iyong gamit na camera at antayin na mafull charge ito. Lalo na kung sa kasamaang palad eh wala kayong extra baterya para sa inyo camera.  Sobrang hassle noh!

Kung kagaya nyo akong mahilig mag film ng mga makeup reviews, tutorial at talking video sa inyong youtube channel. Ang blog post ko na ito ay para sa inyo. Kung ako ang inyo tatanungin, isa sa aking problema ay  ang baterya ng CANON G7X MARK II (malamang yung iba rin).  Alam namn natin na magandang klaseng Camera ang Canon G7X lalo na pagdating sa kalidad ng videos at pictures nito pero ang longevity ng battery nito ay hindi ganon kagandahan. (madali itong malowbat esp kung gagamitin nyo ito sa pag vivideo)

CANON ACK-DC110 AC Adapter Kit

Kaya namn naisipan kong maghanap ng power adapter na compatible sa aking Camera (CANON G7X MARKII) para ng sa gayon makapag film ako ng tuloy-tuloy na hindi ko na pinoproblema kung malowbatt man ang baterya nito. Kung baga mapapadali ang pag gamit ko dahil sa magiging direkta na mismong ikakabit sa plug ng ating kuryente.

Laking tuwa ko talga nang makita ko sa Canon website na nagbebenta sila ng AC/DC coupler na compatible sa aking camera. Nagresearch ako tungkol sa mga reviews at at recommendation online. Nung nalaman ko na ito talga ang compatible sa G7X eh walang patumpik-tumpik binili ko kaagad online ang CANON ACK-DC110 AC Adapter Kit. 👈 (picture below)

For those who unfamiliar with ACK-DC 110 coupler, it replace the camera battery and enables  your camera to draw power directly from an AC power source via an AC adapter/power supply.

Ang presyo ng  CANON ACK-DC110 AC Adapter Kit 👈 ay nagkakahalaga ng  1,129.00 kr Swedish kronor. Kayo na po bahala na i-convert in peso at ang pakaka-alam ko na magkaiba namn ang presyo nito sa Pilipinas, kaya i-check nyo nlng po online 😉

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (DARK BROWN)

Ever since I got into a makeup, all I’ve ever heard is that Anastasia Beverly Hills are amazing for their brow products and they are well known for making your eyebrows looking great, polished and lovely. One of their products who received rave reviews online is this Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade which is I am so excited to share to you guys what are my thought  about this product!

This ABH Dipbrow pomade has been on my wish list for quite sometime now and a lot of make-up bloggers and Youtuber has been raving about their perfect eyebrows using this product, so because of that it makes me feel more eager to get this one.

Since then, I always wanted to buy it online, but I am kinda hesitate to do it because I didn’t know what is the right shade that will fits on me 🤔. So one of my friend suggest to me to get the darker brown and finally, after a year I decided to give this product a go and ordered it online at kicks.se . 👈

To be honest, the price of this very small pot isn’t come that cheap. It cost me about 255 Swedish Kr and it’s around  1,518 php if you will convert it in our php money! 😨 yeah! expensive right?. But personally, I don’t mind paying it for a product that will last long and for a good quality that I will get from it. Why not splurged sometimes 😉.

The packaging is so gorgeous and it comes to this small glass pot.

For the record this is my first ever expensive eyebrow product that I have purchased this year and I really love this product not because it is a well known brand & expensive but it is looks so natural on my brows plus you only need to use the tiniest amount so it will lasts ages. Really a good deal…right? ( as you can see in the picture below how much I’ve used in a span of two months). 

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L’Oreal Truematch Translucent Powder

This is the first time I used L’oreal Paris true match mattifying powder by @lorealmakeup and I really like it a lot! I know that it’s has been out in the market for so long now and I’m kinda way too late to review this powder minerals, but as they say better late than never right? 😉 . So I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’m glad that I bought it.  It cost me around 179 kr Swedish krown when I bought it from Lyko.se and guys sad to say that the applicator is not included (see that small green kabuki brush in the picture it is not included) because I bought it separately, if you wanted to get the kabuki brush too then it will cost you additional 149 Swedish krown (yeah right! it’s kinda steep when it comes to price).  I didn’t know if the price varies from different country so better check it on your local beauty store to see the difference .

So lets check what L’Oreal Says  About the Powder Minerals 🌸

L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Mattifying Finishing Powder is a universal-matching finishing powder enriched with mineral silica for all day shine control, instant pore refining and a 100% non-drying effect.

✓ Mineral Free Powder Texture :  Formulated with 95% minerals, the silica-based powder is deposited lightly on the skin and lets it breathe for optimal comfort that lasts all day.

Touch Velvet : The mineral powder mattifies without drying out and leaves the skin soft, velvety, luminous and without shine. The skin is visibly improved and smoothed, pores and fine lines are blurred.

Result : A delicately mattified skin for a natural and luminous finish that lasts all day: on bare skin to sublimate or on makeup skin to fix.

The product is in the square pot with a large shiny metallic green lid, I must say that the whole packaging is really eye catching and pretty but the whole pot itself is really impractical.  The lid is quite large and bulk and not a travel size friendly product (unless you’ll like to transfer it on another small pot 😜). It is awkward that the pot is unnecessarily big, making it annoying to store or pack when travelling.

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Beached Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay

Hi guys! I’m back and I’m happy to say that it is officially summer time now here in Sweden 😊 .  Oh I can’t wait, because this season is happen to be our Semester too!  (semester means VACATION! LOL).  Anywayhighway!  I went on online summer shopping last week and I bought myself a new bikinis, highlighter, beach bag and this New Urban Decay “Beached Eyeshadow Palette”.

I will not tackle about the highlighter or the beach bag or any other stuff that I bought 😉 hehe But! I am more excited to share to you guys my thoughts and review about the Beach Palette of Urban Decay.  This is my second palette from UD and I have been testing it out for several days now.  I’m loving it and I am so happy that I bought it.

This  eyeshadow palette is from their limited edition Beached Summer Collection  that is recently released this year. The Beached Summer collection include that eyeshadow palette, three (3) lipsticks, two (2) eye pencils and  two (2) Matte Bronzers. I didn’t  have plan to get the whole collection  (I know my wallet will not agree on that too! LOL) one palette is enough for me.

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Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Hello guys! welcome back 😊! It’s been a little while since I have posted online hehe. I know! I’m kinda MIA (Missing in Action) for almost 3 weeks now I guess, but as always it only means that I am busy around testing things out or just busy with some random house chores hashtag #Inday duties LOL.

So for today’s post is all about my new BH Cosmetics 15 piece brush set (picture above). Yas! gurl I have a new make-up brushes and it is 15 pieces! I’m just so excited to share it to you guys! I know I already have a set of BH cosmetics brushes before and I really like it a lot and as you can tell I bought the same brand again LOL! If you didn’t know I have a set of brushes that I bought like 129kr from Lyko.se and if you want to see what it was click here:👉BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set – Review.

Although I already got about 7 brushes, it feels like that I needed to have more (well! just deep inside Lol). Any makeup enthusiast will tell you that you can never have enough brushes and it’s true. That is what I learned in this industry “you can never have enough brushes”  because it’s always nice to have plenty of clean brushes with you to create different looks, aside of that it also prolong the times of you washings it. You don’t have to wait for your brushes to dry out if you already have more spare one right?

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Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

Hi girls! I’m back and for today’s post is all about my new Morphe 35W  eye shadow palette and I am so happy to show to you how gorgeous this palette is (picture above). The reason of me buying this palette is that I wanted to upgrade my eye shadow collection into the next level hehe. Honestly, I was browsing for MAC eye shadow palette at first but it is really expensive (super  pang-manyaman na presyo) and I am not yet ready to splurge for a thousand kronor amount of money for only in just one eyeshadow palette… hell no! LOL. Since everyone is been raving about this palette on YouTube and saw lots of post on Instagram so I decided to give it a try.

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