Creative Mind: My D.I.Y Kiwi Lip Scrub 💋

August 📝 is our last month of SUMMER here in Sweden.  Yep it is real! Swedish fall start from September to October so  it only means that dark season rather COLD season will come pretty soon ❄ . In this time of the year also we are really prone to have a dry skin from head to toe especially on our lips 💋  which I really don’t like at all. Luckily, we can take care of our lips now with some homemade lip scrub 😉  so why buy expensive lip scrub if you can make it at home right?  just explore your kitchen.

While it is easy to notice dry skin on our body like our legs and arms and even our scalp, we often forget that our lips are skin too. Our lips need to exfoliate, treated and moisturize too because when cold and dry weather is ON, our lips are completely dry and easily become chapped  and rough.

Your homemade lip scrub can be flavored to your own specifications or whatever fruits you have at home. Since I have Kiwi at home I decided to use it as a flavor of my lip scrub 😉. Also, I search online that Kiwi is a great natural exfoliant.

Lets Start Making KIWI Lip Scrub:

You only need three ingredients to make your own homemade lip scrub 

🌻 Sugar (normal sugar)
🌻 Coconut oil (Kung Markatta Kokosolja Virgin)
🌻 Kiwi  (you can use half of it or it depends if you only want to make small amount of lip scrub)

Just mix them all together until well combined (mashed your kiwi, coconut oil and sugar)

I use half of the Kiwi because I want to make big amount of scrub

I use 4 tbsp of sugar in order to achieve the right consistency that is paste look like!

1 tbsp of coconut oil is enough

I just mix them all together and put it in a small container.


You can use this scrub on your face and neck, too! It makes a really great face scrub!

How to use:

Apply a small amount to your finger. Using your finger,  gently rub your lips in small circular motions for about 30 seconds to loosen the dead skin cells. Just to remind you guys! that our lips is very sensitive so, if you rub the sugar too hard on it, it can chap your lips. Be gentle hehe

Rub off with a washcloth or paper towel. You don’t need to wash it with water since it has coconut oil that serve as moisturizer 👍

 It works well on me and I really like the smell and the taste of it. I have been using it so much now 😉 . 

Look the difference before and after I use my lip scrub! My lips looks alive and healthy than before hahaha! I feel it also moisturized and soft!

If the weather is so hot, keep in a cool place but do not refrigerate it  because it can make it hard  for future use LOL. I know it will last long for a week because I use coconut oil on it.

I will recommend you to make your own lip scrub at home. Simple, effective, fun and cheap! You can save money than buying it every month. You can also use it daily, but you’ll most likely find that you don’t need to do it that often because it is really effective in just one use. I will show you next time when I use it as my facial scrub 😉 

So enjoy scrubbing guys!! 🙂


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