Gripsholm Castle – Mariefred,Sweden

Gripsholm Castle is located in Mariefred, on the lake Mälaren, about an hour drive from Stockholm and 3 hours drive from Grästorp (where I live right now lol). Last week my husband and I recently had the pleasure to visit and check this castle but our original plan is to wander around Stockholm and guess what!! we ended up checking the Gripsholm Castle instead and we didn’t regret it at all :).  The trip was well worth it we didn’t bother the long butt-aching drive from Grästorp. I asked the lady in the front desk if it’s okey to take a picture inside and they said “yes” (just to make sure lol!)

The mighty tower of Gripsholm Castle

The Castle itself is really beautiful and magnificent. Very well preserved and really kept in a good condition with many rooms to see. Also known as Gustav Vasa’s Castle. It is one of the finest remaining example of Swedish architecture of the Vasa dynasty founded by King Gustav and combines with renaissance interiors but still remains essentially medieval. It has a fantastic view from the lake-side. The ground is absolutely calm and peaceful its good to walk and feel the breezy air after we have been inside the castle.

Old brown bricks is so beautiful! and a fairy-tale style well like this is lovely

Into the castle courtyard you will find these two magnificent bronze cannons from the 16th century

The Castle is the house of Swedish national collection of portraits and paintings, great for those people who loves arts and paintings and since I love old stuff and old castle which really fascinate me a lot, I never find this castle boring I love it! 🙂 The Gallery has many paintings hanging on the walls and some  of these are the portraits of famous people from the fast century and the large collections of paintings of royalties since 16th century is very interesting. There’s lot of things to see inside so better allow your self to spend several hours to explore it 🙂 Oh! Don’t forget to check out the LION! 🙂

This is what I saw at Gripsholm’s castle armor and  stuffed lion 😀 what caught my eyes is the face of the lion.. *napaisip ako parang hindi Lion lol!.. anyway the story behind that lion is really interesting!. They say in 1731 King Frederik I of Sweden received a living Lion as gift. Quite a few years after the Lion died, some of its remain were sent to a taxidermist to be mounted. All that was left was the pelt and some bones. The taxidermist however had never seen a living Lion..for short they are not familiar with this animal..  (little bit funny!)

The Castle has a theater inside which is breathtakingly amazing!! When you set your foot inside it feels like you go back in the old time. The lights, mirror walls and the stage is amazing!. It has wonderful decorations and when you check out the back stage you will find the old wood machinery they use to change the backdrop decorations 🙂 so cool and guess guys!! its still working!!

Sorry guys! the resolution is quite not good.. 🙁

So, let the picture show you guys how really beautiful it is :).

A finely paneled ceiling is so beautiful and the chandelier is awesome!
another room with lot of portraits

The furniture was slip-covered and the painted silk wall however faded but still remains fantastic and beautiful. They said that the interior decorations have remained untouched ever since 1782.
The beautiful decorated ceiling… I fell in love with this!
Swedish crystal chandeliers are very popular and so fancy

Me standing at The White drawing room/ Gustav III’s round drawing room I just noticed how beautiful the design of the the floor.
You can see lot of charming iron lanterns 🙂
Beautiful decorated walls 🙂

What makes this castle something really special is the condition of it and how the different parts of the castle change through out the centuries/years. The Interior and exterior of it reflects how the architecture is differ from different centuries. Walls, fireplace, wood carved , ceilings and a lot more!. I will definitely return and visit it again 🙂

Outside you can just sit, relax  and enjoy the view
Its just beautiful!!

I Hope you guys have time to visit this amazing place! 🙂 I definitely recommend this place if you love old castle and stuff. I can’t wait to go and visit there again if only time and money permit us LOL 🙂 so for now guys hope you like my simple castle tour for today. Till next adventure! 💜💋

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