Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

Hi girls! I’m back and for today’s post is all about my new Morphe 35W  eye shadow palette and I am so happy to show to you how gorgeous this palette is (picture above). The reason of me buying this palette is that I wanted to upgrade my eye shadow collection into the next level hehe. Honestly, I was browsing for MAC eye shadow palette at first but it is really expensive (super  pang-manyaman na presyo) and I am not yet ready to splurge for a thousand kronor amount of money for only in just one eyeshadow palette… hell no! LOL. Since everyone is been raving about this palette on YouTube and saw lots of post on Instagram so I decided to give it a try.

Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

I’ll tell you guys it is really hard to find this brand of eye shadow palette in store here in Sweden, so I ended up ordering it online from . This palette is really affordable because it only cost me around 266 kronor and I’ll get 35 different shade of eye shadow. How cool is that 😊 .

This palette has wide selection of warm shades with plenty of neutrals.

For me, the quality of these shadows is really amazing and I really love all the shade in this palette. It is super creamy, buttery and blends beautifully into your eyes. If you’re a beginner with makeup just like me then you will gonna love it too because it has this cute shade of pink that is good for spring and summer. The darker shades is really nice to use as a transition shades along with some really beautiful sparkly shades. I also use the lighter shade as my highlight.

Here is the look I made using this Morphe 35W Palette. 

It may not turn out as FLAWLESSLY PERFECT for your taste but I know I give my very best in making this look and I am so very happy with the result. I really really like the simple eye look that I made using 4 shades of this palette. The white shade as a highlight of my brow bone, the pink shade is for my inner eye, light brown as my transition color and the dark brown is for my outer eye/to make it a lit smokey kinda *char! LOL. Hope you like it guys! Please don’t judge me as I am not a professional make-up artist 😉 so bare with me guys.

If you’re thinking of picking up this palette, have a look at my swatches below. 👇  Here are the swatches of five rows from left right.

As you can see all the shades are very pretty and they have good colour pay off that could be compared to any expensive palette that is out in the market (see picture above). It has a combination of matte and creamy formula that you can choose from. They are so pigmented and shimmery at the same time (no fall out) without the chunks of glitters that you often see in cheap eye shadow palettes. It is really a good deal for the price of this palette and 35 shade is really worth it!.

The only down side to these are they are so tricky to get hold if you are living here in Sweden SE so you’ll have to order it online from other neighboring country here in EU. Well! expect for a little shipping fee on your behalf 😶. I also notice that this palette didn’t name their shadows (unlike in  UD palette na may name diba so you can easily remember the shades name) but anyway highway if you’re not a beauty blogger you will probably don’t mind it so much right?. hehe

All in all, I am very impressed with this palette, a must have to try if you are on a budget side and don’t want to splash out on expensive one. I would highly recommend this palette to you. Go! get it now. Do you have Morphe too? tell me do you like it?  Let me know if you also enjoy playing with this palette I would be happy to read it all. Till next time guys!.

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