My MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches

Hello guys! here I am again for another Mac haul, but for now is all about my fave nude lipstick from Mac. 🙂 Yup! Lipstick again! why? because I LOVE LIPSTICK er! who doesn’t love lipstick right? LOL!


when you see it getting smaller and smaller 💄💋 #lipstickcollection #diorlipglow #yslbeauty #ysllipstick #esteelauderlipstick #maclipstick #lipsticks

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If you know me well, then you know already that I am a lipstick junkie and this small pieces of make up is my holly grail *charoot! hahahaha kaya don’t be surprise if you find one or more lipsticks inside my bag. Ang weird ko talaga noh haha pero ganun talaga na I rather buy a lipstick instead of make-up palette but who knows I might hoard some make-up palette too (but not for now maybe in future).

    • MAC  Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)
    • MAC Mehr (Matte)
    • MAC Whirl (Matte)
    • MAC Velvet Teddy (Matte)
    • MAC Brave (Matte)

Anyway highway, those lipsticks are my all time peborit (see picture below) and I really recommend it for all the pinay out there but if you didn’t like matte finish then just skip this post of mine 😶. It is really good for our pinay skintone and very wearable in any occasion too. If you are looking for a nice nude lipstick might as well try some of Mac nude lipstick and I’ll tell you the color payoff is really wort it.

If you’re thinking of picking up these lipstick, have a look at my swatches below or watch my youtube video.

I love reading and watching MAC lipstick collection posts because it helps me get an idea of which shades I’d like to collect or try next so I decided maybe it was time for me to shared my collection (err.. even if I know limang piraso palng sxa LOL ) Hope it helps you guys out there to choose what lipstick from Mac you will purchase next hihi What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? let me know 💋


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