Swedish Citizenship Result – Citizenship Journey

What a really nice feeling when you get a good news, right? 😊 I am just so happy to share you guys what I got today! Yup! I received a very important mail📩 from the Migrationsverket and you are right 😉 the decision is now here! this is it pansit! tadaaah!!! It is my certificate/proof of Swedish Citizenship (Bevis Om Svenskt Medborgarskap).I know there is nothing wrong to show that you’re happy, right?  LOL so here I am dancing💃 Lol!

What a sweet surprise! 🍭

 If you don’t know I have posted that I sent my Swedish Citizenship application before check it here : 👈. 

It feel strange, overjoy and at the same time so thankful of this big blessing I’ve received today. What a nice early gift for me this Christmas 😍.  Just thinking to become a citizen of another country other than the one you were born in is really a blessing and I’m so grateful about that. I honestly didn’t think it would ever come so early, or that it could ever be happen (well if you don’t know, before hand I was so scared and little bit down to the maximum level but I tried my best to stay calm and to think positive as much as possible), and yes I did it. I have been living in Sweden for almost 3 years now and thought that it was the right time to apply and glad I did it. Together with the certificate is my original passport that I’ve sent them before (they just return it back)

I know its hard to adjust and live in the other country that is totally difference to the place where you grew up  (I’ll tell you guys! its way too far to what I expected before) although I knew I can manage it one at a time and of course my husband is also helping me through out  in everything! the struggle is really real guys!  hehehe but after all that difficulties/adjustment I have been through I’ve gotten much more stronger and learning each day and I know it is a long way to go (kung baga sa atin “Marami pa akong kakaining bigas”.) 

I am already a Swedish Citizen now and I think it will make me feel more “real” Swedish if I have my Swedish Passport and National Id on me too hihi. Nah! maybe I’ll think about that next year but for now I will just enjoying the moment with my panget and have a simple celebration at home (Middag med köttbullar och potatismos. Sedan kanelbullar med kaffe för fika nyahaha a true Vikings! LOL) 

I know I will have a merry joyful Christmas this year!  Till next time guys!!!! If you have any questions regarding about my application feel free to ask as long as it’s not too complicated to answer LOL! I will answer you based only in my experience 😉 So good luck everyone!


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