Tjolöholm Slott – Halland, Sweden

My boyfriend and I always plan for an unusual things to do everyday and visiting old castle is always on top of our list 😊. Since we visited Gräfsnäs Castle and Läcksö Castle already we come up to look for another one and that is Tjolöholm Castle in Halland,Sweden.

The Castle is open to the public throughout the years and you can check on their site for some calendar activities and some exceptional dates when they are close HERE IS THEIR SITE 👈

Tjolöholms Slott, Halland

We went there yesterday because of their traditional large Christmas Market called Julmarknad på Tjolöholm and this year is their 26th year. For a days, small shops and food seller from different part of Sweden visit there to sell their food delicacies and unique works. They also offer some free taste of their products which I really really like 😂  meats, cheeses, jellies, candies, nuts and julmust and many more.

We really like this different flavors of fudge yums!😋

During the night you can see the castle shines with lot of Christmas lights(see picture below).

I love this place!
Tjolöholm Castle
Smile! It’s Christmas Market at Tjolöholm Castle

This beautiful castle can be found in southern part of Goteborg and it was build year 1898-1904. The castle is quite different with a Tudor style full of modern things inside of and course from their time. You can see a hair-dryer that is big that can occupy the whole room and what I like most the is the modern showers that would have showered you from all sides up to bottom of your body. 😉 yup it means your whole body 😂 isn’t amazing (see picture below).

The shower is interesting!

This place is full of wonderful and innovative things on their time. I saw little swimming pool (if I’m not mistaken of that), some old bathroom and old clothes from their era. The first modern vacuum cleaner, old closets, old telephone, big paintings, old toys and old children cribs. Interesting!

The entrance fee is 100 SEK per person that include group tour that will take the visitors through several of the castle’s room with a guide. Our guide was excellent and they are giving away the english format of the guided tour so that it will helps those visitors who cannot understand Swedish language. The guide told us the history of of its former owners and builders which is very interesting.

Inside the Tjolöholm castle, they made us all wear a plastic protection on our feet or should I say foot rugs in order to keep the carpet clean (they provide it in there so now worries 😉).

follow the rules wear foot rugs 😉
Me with Santa at last! I manage to have his little time for my crazy picture collection.. sorry kids!
say cheese 😊

We love this castle 😊

The castle is really beautiful in the day and even at night. They also offer horse that draw a wagon ride that cost 40 SEK per person. Try to experience and see the old stuff this castle has to offer. You’ll gonna love the history of it which is awesome. You can take photos but make sure don’t use flash 😉.

The whole trip is really worth it and I will definitely recommend everyone to visit! specially if you are a tourist roaming around Goteborg because it only 36 mins drive away from the city just give it a try. I’m sure that we will going to check this julmarknad again next year so for now I will just eat the cheesecake I bought from there hehe Ciao!.

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