It’s Winter Season – Sweden

Winter is my favorite season 😊  the last time I felt this was year 2010 and after 2 years, SWEDEN I’m back hahaha. Snow is one of my childhood dreams and even if I already experience how it feels like before, still I’m longing for it 🙂

View from our window

Yesterday, I was so happy to see the first snowfall this winter 😊. I spend hours watching and enjoying the beauty of it outside our window. I’ts one of the few things that I considered truly magical and amazing.

first snowfall this year 🙂

I really love the white snow and walking down the path of snow flakes makes me fulfill my dreams and happiness 😊, a truly winter white Christmas for me. Another year of snow and another year of thick clothes and socks.

Bubba is a big happy DOG when he is outside!!!
good thing piggy  stay under the tree 😉 hahaha poor piggy.
playing out my friends name on the snow.

The next morning I woke up and it was still majestic.  It’s been snowing the whole night and everything is covered with snow. I look outside the window and this is what I saw (our electric cable is covered with snow).  After breakfast my husband and I went outside to take some cool nice pictures and I hope you  guys like it!

And lots of it!

Browny was completely covered with snow and hubby is so busy removing it so we can drive down town.

my obligatory snow angel this year!!

It’s just so much fun to experience winter season here in Sweden and its so beautiful and dreamy. I know some Swedes don’t like cold and darkness which I cannot blame them because me either don’t like the early darkness and gloomy part hehe! but I really love the cold and snow that’s for sure 😉.

I hope you guys enjoy my pictures 🙂 It was so lovely to be out in the first fresh snowfall even if I have little colds and cough hahahaha till next time!!

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