What I got for Christmas 2023🎄

Hello Guys! So today I’m sharing with you all the lovely gifts I got for Christmas 2023. “What I got for Christmas” posts are always in demand in vlogging community and in blogging world as well, so if you are a type of person who is allergic in watching and reading this kind of post then this is not for you 😉. However if you are just like me who happen to love watching an unboxing video and what I got *churvaness eklabu video on YouTube then we are on the same boat 😂 so all I can say is enjoy reading 👌. By the way I made the same post last year and if you’d like to know what I got that year click here 👉WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2022. 

This year has been an amazing year for me and I’m very grateful & thankful for everything that I received no matter how big or small they are. I got so many Voxboxes from Influenster this year and most of them are on my wishlist appliances such as handheld steamer, new coffee machine, cordless vacuum cleaner and another air fryer!. What more I could ask for this Christmas, it’s all such amazing gifts already, so I didn’t ask for so much gift this year from my Panget. Not to mention that I also received some products/items to test from my Buzzador and Lyko family and all of them are for free as well. What an amazing year I must say!😍

Even though I say I didn’t want anything this Christmas, I’d still received a couple of Christmas gifts from my husband and from his family hehe (of course it’s traditional) and I cannot resist as well when it comes to a gifts LOL!. Anyway! I got so many fantastic items that I really love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!.

So lets start with this:

CHOKLAD/ CHOCOLATES! – Got these 3 boxes of chocolates. Your Christmas is incomplete here in Sweden without getting at least one box of chocolate-choklad!. I got my favorite Petit Chocolat chocolate & Anthon Berg (I got the same chocolate last year, the Petit Chocolat and I always say to my Panget that I really like that chocolate and if ever he will give me a chocolate I would prefer this brand). Here in Sweden it is part of our tradition to give your loved ones some sweet chocolate and of course I wouldn’t say no with these boxes of sweetness 😍.

COM-FOUR® 15 Piece Teapot Warmer Scent Gift – I got this amazing home fragrance gift set from my mother in law. I really love it! My MIL knows that I love anything scented hahaha so she always gives me a scented candles or fragrance oils etc. and this fragrance set is really nice as it has 12 fragrance oils, 2 tea lights and a  ceramic fragrance lamp. I will definitely use it in our bathroom.

NIVEA GIFT PACK PINK BLISS – I got this Nivea Pink Bliss Gift set 😊. I already ripped out the box LOL! In this gift box include Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel – a caring fresh shower gel with the scent of waterlily for a hydrated feeling. Pearl & Beauty Deo Roll On – antiperspirant with pearl extract that gives smooth armpits and NIVEA Soft Cream 200ml – moisturizing moisturizer that is perfect for both body and face. I love this gift box as I always use Nivea deoroll on and the cream as well.


Excellent Houseware 7 Piece Sushi Set – Black – Who doesn’t like sushi? well Panget doesn’t like sushi hehe but me I love it 😍!!! (now I’m craving for a nigiri or maki 😉) . I am so happy when I got this Sushi set (my first sushi set) from my father in law, I love that it include 2 porcelain bowls, bamboo sticks, and a base that is made of stylized slate stone no wonder that it is really heavy when I got it LOL! can’t wait to use it.

Excellent Houseware 7 Piece Sushi Set – Black

THE NORTH FACE SIERRA WATERPROOF STREET BOOTS – I’m so happy that I got these waterproof winter shoes from my Panget. This one is kind of a surprise gift from him and it came a bit late and I didn’t expect him to buy me this one because I already requested the Anastasia make-up palette. Actually I really need this one as I don’t have any winter shoes as of the moment (I mean waterproof shoes). I only use my hunter rubber boots whenever we walk outside but those boots are not good for snowy weather because my feet get cold easily. I cannot afford to buy new shoes for myself right now and it’s not a priority for me as I don’t like to go out and walk when it’s snowing hahaha maybe panget wants me to go out even more and walk with him that’s why he gave me these boots. The North Face brand is a bit expensive for me LOL (I would rather buy one in LOPPIS). Anyway, I’m so thankful and I was so happy when I received it.


ANASTASIA ROSE METALS DELUXE TRIO -I asked Panget this make-up palette for my Christmas gift because I really wanted to try the Anastasia make-up and then he told me to get this one online as he is afraid to buy the wrong one. Well I ordered it online together with my Nars and Pixi blush on so I already knew that I would get this one. Crazy that I also wrapped it just to please myself LOL 🙊!

JÄGERMEISTER 0,35L (35% Vol.) – We got this Jagermeister from his brother and this drink is definitely an acquired taste that is for sure and is certainly not for everyone. Its either you love it or you hate it, before I also didn’t like the taste of it (too strong for my liking) but the more I drink it the more I tend to like it especially if you leave it in the freezer before you drink it. Some people may taste it like a cough syrup that is too strong and too herbal. If you are adventurous type and wanted to test this brand I highly recommend it!.

JÄGERMEISTER 0,35L (35% Vol.)

NARS LIQUID BLUSH (ORGASM) & PIXI LIQUID BLUSH – This blush on is my personal Christmas gift for my self! 😉. I bought it from my own AdSense money from my Youtube Channel!. So happy with this purchase and I really like the PIXI liquid blush on and Nars orgasm. Can’t wait to use this blush on.

OSTBRICKA MED 3 KNIVAR /CHEESE BORD – Love this sangkalan – chopping board in English!. I also received a cheese platter last year but this one is really big compared to the one I got last year. This one is pretty with 3 small cheese knives included. I cannot wait to use it this New year. Cheese boards are really trendy nowadays and I love cheese as well. Charcuterie as its finest.🙌🏽😍

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by my husband’s family who are very kind and generous (being far from my family back home for so many years now making this holidays a little bit sad for me) but even though I am miles away with them I will never forget all the good memories I had with them. Just thinking all the crazy and fun filled celebration every Christmas and New year with my craziest pinsan and siblings are energy booster for me hahaha 😁.  I miss them soo much!

Anyway highway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Enjoy all the gifts you received this year… Let me know in the comments below what was your favourite part of Christmas this year?

PLease leave comment down below. I would be happy to read it all ..💜💋

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