Whitewater Rafting Experience | Cagayan De Oro

Are you afraid of the Rapids ?
yell! hell yeaH!😊 but yes, I overcome this!!

Have you ever heard whitewater rafting at Cagayan De Oro? Yes, if you are updated it was actually visit and tried by our past president and tourism secretary several years ago to promote Cagayan de Oro’s top adventure activity. I highly recommend this activity!

Here it come!   so exciting!!
picture: me with PGMA in the picture

We booked package activity that includes zipline and rafting with free lunch. The package cost around 2,400 php per person including all ride zipline and a 4 hours whitewater rafting which I think is really a good deal. I’m so scared coz that was my first time doing whitewater rafting and I didn’t have any idea how to do it pa.  Plus, I heard some story pa na natanggalan daw sila ng ipin dahil sa tumama ang mukha sa mga bato or naipit sa ilalim ng rubber boat something like that! whaaa parang gusto ko na nga magback out that time pero naisip ko palng yung 2,400 na ibinayad ko hahaha bumabalik yung mga paa ko! hahaha 😂

My super team CDO

Good thing about this activity is that you don’t need to form a group just to do whitewater rafting. All you have to do is book a trip to CDO and go directly to the company that offers this kind of activity, and they’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the destination (Cagayan River). Don’t worry if you’re just one or couples because they will re-group you with other guests.

Anyway back again with my rafting. It takes about 40 to 45 minutes to get to the river from downtown Cagayan De Or and when we get there, the weather is bad pa! kasagsagan kasi ng bagyo that time. It so quick that everyone is given a helmet, life jacket and paddle for the trip down to the river at take note! agawan pa kami ng paddle at life vest hahaha 😂.  May briefing naman before isabak sa adventure and I can assure you that whitewater rafting at CDo is really safe!!

Akala ko nga eh sobrang dali lang at sobrang sisiw lang hindi pala!! 4 hours kang magsasagwan at babad sa tubig! plus may hard at medium na 14 ata na rapids ka pang kakalabanin! 😂 natatawa nalng tuloy kami parang gustong umatras pero eto na!! WALA NANG ATRASAN TO!!!! 🙂

Briefing time!
off to the boat, here we go!!!
Soo fun and exciting!!

The instructor will guide your team and that 4 hours trip will takes you through a series of 14 rapids. Sounds exciting noh? 😂 there are also times that the guide would ask us to stand on the raft that makes our rafting really fun and heart pounding!

So fun and I will never forget this activity!!
two group… RACE!!!
Parang mga langgam sa tubig!! hahaha 🙂

In areas where the river is calm, we were allowed to get off on the raft and swim, that is also the time for the guide to take some photos, to relax and to enjoy nature.

High Five!
Class picture! age limit nah.. di usO hehehe

Since our package offers only free lunch so the end of the trip we’re so hungry. Good thing our guide offers us to have a dinner at Cabula River grill. (well, di pala nagoffer bwhahaha pero ang alam ko eh nag0ffer! lols 😂 anyway we just add 100 petot each for Lechon Baka na supah sarap!!

Guys! try nyo mag white water rafting dahil once in a lifetime experience talga sya. Hindi kayo magsisisi sa presyo dahil sobrang sulit na sxa! Ito yung klase ng activity na hindi nyo makakalimutan bagkos uulitin nyo pa! sobrang enjoy at sobrang saya! 🙌 👍

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