Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline | Dahilayan Adventure Park | Bukidnon

Be proud that Asia’s longest dual zipline can be found right inside our country. So, what are you waiting for? head to Cagayan De Oro and conquer you fear in height. Visit dahilayan adventure park or simply click their site at👈 and book for all rides, experience the exciting fun of FLYING!

Because we wanted to make the most out of our stay in CDO. Me and my friends decided to try zipline and whitewater rafting!(actually i don’t have budget for that nga eh hahaha pero since naroon narin lang ako eh why not GO saGO nalng! Bahala na si Batman 😂.

Asia’s longest dual zipline
Dahilayan Adventure Park

We availed all zipzone rides (it was 3 rides po). They have three ziplines in the park and tones of activity such as zorb, ATV or horse riding. In zipline 320mt is the first ride, 150mt is the 2nd ride then last is the 840mt (longest dual zipline).

Since the weather is sometimes unpredictable and imagine how many people will go there on ordinary days or in a weekends, so I suggest to come to the park as early as you can. The road going to the park is a little bit bumpy and muddy (you might try habal-habal para mabilis at walang hassle😁) I also suggest not to bring anything or maybe your camera is enough (kasi may bayad po ang locker hehehe and ‘m sure you dont want to carry your things while you are on rides diba?).

Putting my helmet on 🙂 I choose BLue!!
After the staff had put on our helmet and harness .. Here We GO!!!

My first and second ziplines was fun and exciting (tense factor: my two hands get sweat all over) Sorang bilis nga lang at wala pang ilang minuto nasa dulo ka na! hindi nga ako nakasigaw 😂 hay pero enjoy. After the two rides, the main highlight is the 840m dual zipline! medjo scary na toh! mataas taas na babagsakan ko kung saka-sakali hahaha 🙂

We rode the park’s service truck haha as in truck talaga noh hindi ko kasi alam pangalan nun eh LoL 😂 (picture above) then we went to the higher ground because that would be the starting point of our 840m zipline (libre sakay). The first two rides were nothing compared with the last one. Scary na ito kasi medyo mataas-taas na babagsakan ko kung saka-sakali hahahaha!

I listened VERY carefully to the staff in giving the instructions before they sent us off (but kunyari lng nakikinig! hahaha) (I keep on asking pa nga: “BAKA MAHULOG TSINELAS KO” ayoko mag-paa pauwi hahahaha😂!) kaya lang sobrang PRANING lang talaga sa kaba eh!. Maybe I was just too scared that time kaya I didn’t pay too much attention on some of the tips they’ve said: like if I want to increase my speed all I have to do is to put my arms on my sides and if I want to slow down my speed I just spread my arms wide daw hay…kaya pala ang bilis ko natapos eh hahaha 🙂

Here we come!

So as the staffs prepared to push me, I could already feel my heart jumping against my ribs, my hands is sweating and my camera is already WET by my perspiration. I didn’t feel afraid at all in the first two rides but this one looked very scary. Come to think of it 4,500 feet above sea level, baka pulutin ako sa mga pine tree na nagkalat sa baba 😂.But still I didn’t hesitate to continue go kung GO! (Mas inisip ko pa yung tsinelas ko hahaha sabi ko “Manong! yung tsinelas ko baka malaglag!! haha” sabi ni Manong: OKey sige! ilalagay natin sa likod mo para di mahulog!! hahaha) sabay tulak hahaha!!!


As I hear Leny’s scream on top of her lungs (kasabay ko kasi sya 😁) napapikit nalang ako hahaha. I knew I shouldn’t not miss the moment that I was on the air plus the beautiful scenery na my cow milk pa on the hills haha (may cow kasi sa hills that time!) So I tried to open my eyes all throughout the rides.

The view was breathtaking where you could see all the pine trees and landscapes below you. The last ride was too scary but sooo much fun!. You could feel the cool breeze all around you na talagang nalipad ka.

After the last ride, you could buy a certificate with a printed picture of you for 100 pesos.(sad ako kasi by the time na kinukuhaan ako ng picture nakayuko naman ako😔wala tuloy ako remembrance!

kids at heart!! 🙂

I’m sure I will coming back to this place, if ever I will get the chance to visit CDO again (uulitin ko yung last ride .. hahaha dahil ako lang ang walang certificate!!! di maka move on girl!).

Have you ever been to Dahilayan Adventure park? Have you tried the zipline? what can you say about it? 😊 I hope you love it as much as I do and if you did  kindly leave a comment down below and I would be happy to read it all. CIAO!!

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