My Fall Essentials 2017 🍃🍂

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here in Sweden😍. Despite how much I love this season, my skin doesn’t agree with it haha! I know I might sound terrible but that is true! I feel like as soon as the weather change to colder, my skin gets more dull,pale and dry 😉. Either way, the summer is now over and when it comes to moving into fall season, I tend to downgrade my handbag to a smaller version (no more big bag for me).

I don’t carry too much on a fall season because here in Sweden fall is so cold that you’ll need to wear thick clothes and carrying big bag tends you to bring lots of stuffs right? So for me it feels like my clothes is way too heavy enough to bring a big bag hahaha! but its only just me 😉 I guess? LOL( it depends also on what activity I’ll gonna do on that day.)

Me wearing black Zara Double Breasted Coat,plaid scarf from Ginatricot and H&M jeans. Bag from Kate Spade (Mini Bell Lane kleigh).

So here are a few of my current favorite products that have become my fall essentials that I carry in my bag. Check out what they are below .

  1. Mac Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious (Summer Berry) smells so sweet and taste delicious. I really like it so much.Our lips need a little pamper from the harsh cold weather right? so this product is definitely does a great job exfoliating our lips! I recommend this product however, it is a bit pricey to spend 160 Kr (17$) for just a lip scrub. But if you’re willing to splurge, then go for it!

  2. Isadora Twist-up Matt Lips Blackout is rich pigmented lipstick that gives velvety matte lips with a silky feel. It has strong color that matches this fall season as they say that bold lips are staple during this time.

  3. YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm in 12 Try me Berry is really amazing lipbalm. My lips are so dry and chapped it’s ridiculous, so I think they’re worth the splurge. Better try it guys! I highly recommend this product!

  4. Rituals Hand Balm  I only have a tester size but I tell you this hand cream smells like you are inside the massage parlor haha but my husband loves it and he is using it more than I do that’s why it is inside my bag btw I love the smell too.

  5. Crabtree &Evelyn Gardeners Hand this hand cream is so handy. Smell very irresistibly fresh and fruity like. If you like a hand cream that is not too thick ang heavy this one is a must!. Highly recommend it!

  6. 100bon bergamote-rose-sauvage this tester is my currently favorite scent, it smells like a flowery petals that is not too strong to smell. A great match this fall season.

  7. Mac Lip primer dry and chapped lips needs primer and this product is highly recommended especially I’m using a mattlip blackout from isadora.

  8. Transderma Vitamin C Serum Got this product as a gift from kicks and this season I need more Vitamin C hehe I’ve notice that this serum is effective makes my skin more glow and bright! I don’t know if this is psychological effects or only the serum is really effective! LOL.

  9. Mac Duo-Image Compact Mirror it comes so handy all the time no matter what the season is.. you should have one of this inside your of your bag 😉

  10. JUST BONUS! 7th Heaven Peel Off Mask Just a pampering mask hehehe Btw I don’t carry it inside my bag. I just like to share you what mask I currently like 🙂

  11. Daim Chocolate Like this small chocolate candy 😉

There you go! What are your fall beauty essentials ladies? Let me know if you own one of my favorites products and how it goes well on your body? Do you recommend any products leave it on the comment section and I would be happy to try them all 😉 till next time 🙂


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