This is Aimeili Nail Art Stamping Kit that I bought in Amazon. Let see if its effective or not!. I’ve always wanted to have one of this trending nail art stamping kit from amazon and today it finally arrived and I cannot wait to test all the design on my nail. Disclaimer guys I’m not a professional nail tech but I do love doing my own gel nails as a hobby so please, please be calm! if you see that I apply it in a wrong way! hahaha. I am not a professional so please bear with me 🙂 LOL.  So lets check this kit and see what’s included in the box!

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💕 5 stamping plates and an instruction on how to apply it – It has many designs in different sizes you can choose from! . Love that it has a designs applicable for all seasons spring up to winter!.

The plates is really sturdy and has a very crisp detail, good quality but be careful handling it as it has a very sharp edge.

You need to have nail polish remover handy because you will be using it often because you need to clean the stamper and the design plate after each nail.

💕 2 stamper (rubber & silicon) – You’ll get two stamper as well, one is silicon and the other one is rubber – for me the silicon stamper is the worst but the rubber one is the best!.

 💕 1 liquid latex (peel off ) – The liquid peel off latex works like a charm – easy to apply and easy to remove as well. This is by far the most effective peel off latex I’ve tried and will recommend it to everyone without a blink!.



So here is my final result and as you can see I used my Essie #272 för twill of it nail polish as a stamping liquid. I find it a bit hard to apply as this essie nail polish is so runny/liquidly but it works good anyway. As far as the actual stamping goes, it is definitely a learning process (trial & error).  I had to stamp my first nail many times to get the image to transfer properly but once you get used to it and learn the tricks you will enjoy using it.

There are special polishes designed for stamping you can buy online, but they are really expensive. Though they will give you the best possible image transfer and less headache LOL, they are not necessary.  What you do need is a thicker polish that doesn’t dry too fast.

Because you’ll be stamping a thin layer, quick-dry polishes will dry too quickly and the image won’t stick to your nail.  Thin polishes are too runny and will be too sheer to see the design.  The best polishes to use are ones that are opaque in one coat.  Play around to see what polishes can give you the best results.

My tip is you need to use thicker polish that doesn’t dry too fast in able to get the perfect transfer. Overall this kit is really good value for your money, inexpensive and you’ll get to have 5 plates with lots of design to choose! Highly recommend it!. Have you tried using nail art stamping kit? Let me know in the comment section what you think guys!. Till next nail stuff review guys see yah!! 👋👋

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Hello guys! Today we will be unboxing my new Swedish Voxbox from Influenster, I just got it today and I’m so excited to show you my unboxing video!. As you all know I always make a unboxing video of every voxbox that I receive from influenster. This is my 4th voxbox that I received from Influenster Sweden,  only this year I got a espresso machine, wireless earbuds, 58″ TV and now a gaming headphone!.  I never though I would become a full time influenster tester machine LOL😆 (kidding aside!) but I really do enjoy reviewing house items, testing new foods, makeups and making an unboxing videos and by that receiving all these free stuffs is like the icing on top of my cake . #skullcandySLRY #influenster #voxbox #hörlurarna #removablemicrophone #headphone #slryheadphone

By the way the Skullcandy SLYR Headphone that I got is for FREE from Skullycandy via Influenster voxbox in exchange for my honest opinion and review. So again I’m gonna share to you what is INFLUENSTER ?- it  is a program that sends out thousands of boxes a month full of free stuff in hopes that you’ll use your other social media influence to tell everyone you know what you think of these products. Simply like reviewing a certain products that they will sent you for free.

En Influenster VoxBox är en låda full med gratis produkter i full storlek, elektronik eller mat som du får se över och behålla. Dessa lådor är ofta baserade på ett tema men är ibland en enskild produkt eller grupp av produkter från samma företag. Det här är riktigt bra lådor som kan innehålla gratisprylar för hundratals dollar. Tidigare har jag sett VoxBoxes som inkluderar en hudvårdslinje, smink, kläder, elektronik som jag precis skaffat och alla möjliga produkter.

An Influenster VoxBox is a box full of full-sized free products, electronics or food that you get to review and keep. These boxes are often based on a theme but are sometimes a single product or group of products from the same company. These are truly awesome boxes that can contain hundreds of dollars worth of free stuff. In the past, I’ve seen VoxBoxes that contain  a skincare line, make-up, clothes, electronics which I got right now and all kinds of bunch of products.

För det första är hörlurarna väldigt lätta, designen är enkel men ändå snygg, färgkombinationen är väldigt rolig & ljus och även kablarna är färgglada men för mig personligen är detta bara en bra nybörjar hörlur och när det kommer till spel så känns det som att det saknas avancerade funktioner – inte den bästa men inte dålig heller.

First, the headphone is very lightweight, design is simple yet stylish, color combination is great fun & bright and even the cables are colorful too but for me personally, this is only a good beginner’s headphone and when it comes for gaming this one feels lack in advance features – not the best but not bad either.

Comes in 1year global warranty
Det enda jag gillar är att de här hörlurarna är lätta att använda, du behöver inte ladda ner några appar för att du ska använda den, det är bara plug and play, så enkelt att alla kan använda det!. Ljudkvaliteten är bra, tillräckligt bra för att du ska kunna spela onlinespel, mycket högt, tydligt och skarpt.

moveable earpiece!

The only thing I like is that this headphone is easy to use, you don’t need to download any apps for you to use it, it’s just plug and play, so easy that everyone can use it!. The sound quality is good, decent enough for you to enjoy playing online games, very loud, clear, and crisp.

De är bekväma att bära på örat också eftersom öron kudden är mjuk och gjord med andningsbart memoryskum men inte tätt tillräckligt så det gör att hörlurarna fortsätter att glida på baksidan av mitt hår.

They are comfortable to wear on the ear as well because the ear cushion is soft and made with breathable memory foam but not tight enough so the headphone is keeps sliding on the back of my hair.

Mikrofonen fungerar bra men inte så bra. Jag använde de här hörlurarna när jag skypar min familj hem och de säger att min röst låter så lågt/så långt borta, de hör mig bara tydligt när jag ropar eller böjer mikrofonen närmare min mun, och mikrofonen böjer sig inte så mycket för att stanna på plats, om du böjer den på plats flexar den sig skälv tillbaka, längre bort från din mun.

The mic works well but not that great. I used this headphone when I skype my family back home and they say that my voice sounds so low/ so far away, they only hear me clear when I shout or bend the mic closer to my mouth also the microphone doesn’t bend all that much to stay in position, if you bend it into place and then it flexes back, further away from your mouth.

Bra med mikrofon bommen är att du kan ta bort den helt så att du kan ha möjlighet att använda den inte bara för spel utan också för att lyssna på din favoritmusik.

Good thing about the mic boom is you can completely detach it so that you can have an options to use it not only for gaming but also for listening in your fave musics. Volume can be found on the lower left earpiece.