The Best Clear Nose Blackhead Remover/ Gel Hut Mun White

Hallelujah!! At last!! I found the best, effective one and works really well on removing gunks on my nose! 😒literally! I know sound eeiiw right? but the reality is! blackhead and whiteheads are the most common skin problem that everyone is experiencing. Agree? raise your hands up!! Its one of my problem as well! So guys don’t worry you’re not alone! LOL

I’ll tell you..I even tried using different brand of blackhead/whiteheads remover mask ever since but so far the result were not so impressive. So! today I will review this White Clear Nose Blackhead Remover or called Gel Hut Mun White. I been seeing lots of good review of this one so I bought it online a couple of months ago and disclaimer guys! I’m not sponsored by this company this item were purchased with my own money and my review is based on my own experience 😉

They say it comes from Thailand and some say it comes from Vietnam but whaevah all I know is this product is effective! It called Gel Hut Mun White as what is written on the packaging. It comes with a small plastic bottle with a set of paper I don’t know how many is it and I am not also sure what kind of paper they are. The paper has a vertical lines on it so I’m pretty sure that it is not a regular kind of paper.

It cost 8kr (Swedish crown) 50php in peso not bad actually this item is really cheap and I can’t complain about it. The instruction is also written in different language so its hard for me to understand it. I just rely on Youtube when it comes to instructions LOL!

The cream smells like soap, not too strong and not too minty. It smells like you’re inside the spa salon (you know the aroma smell of the massage parlor hahaha something like that).

Struggle is real LOL!

So before you use it just shake it well but I noticed that the product gets hard when it came here. So what I did is that I put on the microwave for 5 seconds and it become liquid again (they say about it because of the weather). I didn’t come with spatula to help you spread the products so all you need to use is your fingertip. 

The product is not that thick as a cream though, its still liquidy and drips so easily. You can also use q-tips (imagining you are putting Elmers glue on your nose hehehe thats how it looks like!) Then after you spread the jam! este the product onto your nose you can now put the piece of paper on top of it and let it dry for a minutes or so. (just like waxing your own nose).

Fast forward here is it peeling it off now and in my surprise I get alot! hahaha as in, I never imagine it came out from my nose LOL.

When you peel the paper it doesn’t hurt that much and I didn’t feel any itchiness or burning sensation after using it! For the win! this brand is effective! Just check out the result of this mask picture below!

(WARNING: If you dont like to see gross stuff like this hahaha kindly get out!! *char!)

eeiiw! gross!! Blackehead zoomed out! hahaha I harvested a lot!

Isn’t that a lot..😂 Sorry for the gross photo guys! I just wanted to show you how effective it is. It was so satisfying to see that it removed so much! Harvesting it all in just one time use LOL! I cannot believed with how many blackheads it managed to get out from my nose! Amazing right? (that picture is only came from my nose what more on my chin and on my forehead!! I’ll leave it to you to imagine how it looks like!! nyahaha)

Just to remind you guys to buy only the real one as what I’ve read from other users that there are also fake Clear Nose circulating online.  What they say that the fake one has a different kind of paper included. Some say it doesn’t have the vertical lines like the real ones and more glossy type likes a piece of A4 coupon bond. It smell off too so better be careful buying online.

Overall! this product does what it claim! best blackhead/whitehead remover! It deserved to be recognized. I give it 5 star for being a very effective yet affordable and cheap! Everyone can buy it that goes on the budget! I seriously recommend it to everyone and I hope you have time to buy and test it for your self! Worth it and effective!!! If you like to try the products check the list below for price on your place.

Tell me guys if you tried it already and I want to know your reviews too! Do you like the product? share it with us 🙂

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Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

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